Little Lambs Preschool is a mission of Trinity Lutheran Church in Northfield, Minnesota. We offer multiple options, including: mornings, afternoons, all day, or a combination.

We are a small program licensed to teach 12 students in our classroom. We love that having a smaller program allows our families to have personal relationships with the teachers and director.  At Little Lambs Preschool we strive to keep our program closely knit so the children can feel comfortable and ensure consistency in their lives.  Having children attend a Christian based preschool is a unique and important opportunity for them.  At Little Lambs Preschool, we know that a foundation in Christ will give our children the roots they need to succeed in their future education.

We are proud to be a 4 STAR Parent Image result for 4 star parent awareAware program – the highest award given.  Come visit Little Lambs to see all we have to offer your family.




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